AGEN Environmental Corporation an affiliate of AGEN Inc. “(AGEN)” is a consortium of Several energy, environment, and agriculture companies that are focused on eliminating the negative environmental impact of producing today and tomorrow’s energy needs while reducing the cost to produce such energy.

AGEN brings together many proprietary processes and patents in the areas of Agriculture, Bio-chemistry, Chemical sciences, Combustion systems, Hydrogen generation, as well as Water Purification to accomplish this goal.


AGEN's mission is to be an advocate for the health of our planet and its citizens by modernizing the world’s oil and coal fired power plants to produce lower cost electricity without many of the pollutants while producing a new abundant supply of low cost, high quality hydrogen and healthy food supplies thus advocating for a green planet by producing green energy for today and tomorrow.


  • Solve: The reduction of Power-plant pollutions from Coal, Oil and Bio-Mass/Waste, Clean water problems, landfill issues and deficiency of nutritious and clean healthy foods.
  • Develop: Productive agriculture systems, Renewable energy and power storage of energy while suppling of hydrogen for many industries like the “Hydrogen-Fuel-Cell” industry for vehicles with zero CO2 emissions.  
  • Create: Less impact on our Eco-systems by making a new advanced combustion process and chamber for more efficient electric power from existing coal/oil fired powerplants that greatly improve the water quality and air we breathe.